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Roloway Guenon and White-Naped Mangabey in Zoos

Modern zoological gardens take on more and more responsibility to provide a shelter for endangered animals. The offspring of these animals can potentially be re-introduced through conservation programmes into their native habitat.

Outside West Africa there are not more than 31 Roloway Guenons kept in European Zoos, with the Mulhouse Zoo coordinating the official studbook for this sub-species. This captive population was formed from 11 founder individuals originally kept as pets in Togo. They were donated to Mulhouse Zoo with the support of the IUCN in order to establish a breeding programme. Most of these animals now live in French zoos, with some at Twycross Zoo (England). Heidelberg Zoo is the only facility in Germany, which houses 6 individuals, thus housing almost a quarter of the total captive population. The Diana guenon can be found more commonly in European zoos although this species is regarded as rare in captivity.

There were 45 White-naped mangabeys in 10 European zoos as of 2008. The most successful breeding groups are in Rome (Italy) and Paris (France) as well as in Jerez and Barcelona (both in Spain) and in Landau (Germany). Barcelona Zoo keeps the official stud book for this species.