Adopt A Monkey

Crazy about monkeys or have a friend who is? Why not adopt one? Only 50 Euro a year.


(other options available if you wish to donate more)


Each adopter receives via email:


  • An Adoption Certificate

  • A Colour Photograph

  • Quarterly Updates on your Adopted Monkey

  • Small in gift in the post

  • Two free tickets to Accra Zoo per year


Please choose from the below monkeys.  If the one you would like to adopt is not listed, please do get in touch and we can make bespoke packages.

Fergus is a male Roloway monkey who came to Ghana from Germany as part of the European Breeding Programmes.  He lives at the Endangered Primate Breeding Centre.
Nuba is one our breeding male white-naped mangabeys.  He came to the Centre after being rescued from a village where is was being kept as a pet.  He now lives in the Forested Enclosure
Kwame was confiscated from the Central Region in August 2018. Kwame has great potential as he is a young and wild male. He is very playful and curious individual.  
Togbi is the fourth born of Nuba and Sonja - born in October 2015.  Togbi is an adventurous youngster and loves to hang out with his older sister and two older brothers.
Accra is one our breeding female white-naped mangabeys.  She came to the Centre from Barcelona Zoo as part of the European Breeding Programme.
Peter is our newest arrival, born in the middle of the pandemic to Chaachele & Kweku.  Peter is named after a Zoo Keeper, who cared for WAPCA's mangabeys in Kumasi but sadly passed away.
Tommaso is first the born of Ziggy and Kweku - born in April 27th. He is an independent young boy and has been named after Tommaso Mariani a great supporter of our project.  
Yellow is the newest member at the Centre. He was confiscated from the Western Region in August 2019. He is a very young orphan male with a huge potential for our breeding programme as he comes from the wild.