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Tano-Ankasa Community Forest Project
Research Group
WAPCA works in the Western Region of Ghana, empowering the communities to protect the forests which have become unsustainable due to deforestation and hunting.
The Research Group, in partnership with Barcelona University, Barcelona Zoo and Chester University conducts scientific studies on the primates both in the wild and in captivity so we can best provide for them in the future.
The Endangered Primate Breeding Centre
Against Primates As Pets Campaign (APAP)
The EPBC rescues and rehabilitates victims of the bush and pet trade, it provides education for local school children and participates in the EAZA Exsitu Programme (EEP) to ensure genetic diversity in the captive population, which is vital for long term survival.
Many primates in Africa are kept as pets.  These animals are often stolen from the wild and kept in solitary confinement.  WAPCA works with local people to educate them on the perils of such choice of pet.
Construction for a forested enclosure in Kumasi Zoo is underway. In January 2017 a group of white-naped mangabeys from the Accra Zoo will be released into the forested enclosure. There they will be able to exhibit their natural behaviours in a replication of their wild environment. 
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