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About Us

The West African Primate Conservation Action (WAPCA) was an initiative of Heidelberg Zoo, Landau Zoo, Mulhouse Zoo and ZGAP in 2001.  Funded annually by a number of  Zoological Collections, conservation organizations and private donors our main goal is to effectively preserve primate species in the West-African Upper Guinean Rainforest, which are seriously threatened by extinction.  WAPCA operates as an NGO and works in two main ways: community led conservation of the wild primates and their habitat and in captive breeding at the Endangered Primate Breeding Centre, building reserve populations.
Click on the boxes below to meet the teams that makes this all possible....
WAPCA Ghana has a team of four dedicated employees.
Cote d'Ivoire
WAPCA Cote d'Ivoire supports the work of RASCP-I.  
Members & Supporters
WAPCA is very lucky to have many members and supporters, without whom WAPCA would not be able to operate.  
WAPCA Board & Patrons
WAPCA is overseen by two Board of Directors, one based in Ghana and one based in Europe.  
Wildlife Division of the Forestry Commission of Ghana
WAPCA works in collaboration with the Wildlife Division on all aspects of its work.  WAPCA is very gratfeul for the support the Wildlife Division has given over the years.
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