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Tano-Ankasa Community Forest Project

Community Rainforest Monitoring Team

One of the greatest challenges for the rural communities surrounding the Kwabre Rainforest in terms of sustainably managing their natural resources is the rampant illegal logging, mining and bushmeat hunting being perpetrated by people outside of the community which is destroying habitat, polluting water bodies and depleting the wildlife in their rainforest. 


In 2014, WAPCA worked Wildlife Division of the Ghana Forestry Commission and the twelve communities surrounding the Kwabre Rainforest to help reduce the illegal activity by forming and training Community Rainforest Protection Teams


Now Community Rainforest Monitoring Teams patrol the Kwabre Rainforest two to three times a week to help combat illegal activities.  The patrols alert the Rapid Response Team of illegal miners, bushmeat hunters and chainsaw operators.  The team is made up of WAPCA staff, Wildlife Division and Community members.


All fines paid, equipment taken and lumber seized are redistributed to the community under the CREMA executive committee’s guidance. 



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