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Mangabey Awareness Day


Tano-Ankasa CREMA communities together with WAPCA celebrated their 2nd Mangabey Awareness Day in the Western Region of Ghana. Everyone was expecting it this year, youth from the communities received us singing the mangabey song “I love my mangabey” as we arrived and children ready for the clean-up holding plastic bottles on their hands!

Save the mangabey march!

All the communities, WAPCA and Wildlife Divison staff walked together from Tikobo 1 to Ellenda with banners to remind everyone of the importance of biodiversity conservation. This year though a Brass Band accompanied us to make the march more enjoyable and livelier

IMG_0671 (2019_08_09 21_17_27 UTC).JPG
IMG_0686 (2019_08_09 21_17_27 UTC).JPG

Mangabey Football Cup

The trophy travelled this year to another community, Takinta, who put all the efforts together to win this year’s cup. Congratulations to Takinta team!!

Mangabey Song and Face Masks

Everyone is loving mangabeys in the communities, so WAPCA thought… why don’t we let the children transform into white-naped mangabey?? It was not an easy process, but finally we were able to have a big troupe of mangabeys running around the football pitch signing the mangabey song!

If you don’t know the song yet listen below. 

Mangabey song.mp3Black Rasta
00:00 / 00:19
IMG_2269 (2019_08_09 21_17_27 UTC).JPG

Clean-up to fill the mangabey!

The children also had time to compete in the clean-up exercise, when the megaphone siren started, they had to run to collect as much garbage they could from Anyiafutu community. It was hard work, as there is so much dirt around. When they heard the siren again, they all came back to fill the mesh managabey, our mangabey was too small for the amount of garbage collected!

In total we got 34 big refuse bags filled, the majority collected by team 2, but they were all winners of story books donated by the expat community in Accra, and will be kept in the Anyiafutu school library.

IMG_2246 (2019_08_09 21_17_27 UTC).JPG
IMG_2232 (2019_08_09 21_17_27 UTC).JPG
IMG_2237 (2019_08_09 21_17_27 UTC).JPG
IMG_0632 (2019_08_09 21_17_27 UTC).JPG
IMG_0615 (2019_08_09 21_17_27 UTC).JPG

Wildlife Quiz

The wildlife quiz happened again this year! Each community formed a team and they had to answer 40 open questions about wildlife closed hunting season in Ghana, primate species, WAPCA, and Wildlife Division of the Forestry Commission. It was not an easy one, but Takinta won the award as well! Congratulations to Takinta once again!

IMG_2276 (2019_08_09 21_17_27 UTC).JPG

It was a two-day event full of fun, mangabey stories and environmental learning. We hope to celebrate it for many years to come and continue having fun while educating young and adults about the importance of this species and its habitat conservation.

We hope you also had a Happy Mangabey Awareness Day!

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