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International Zoo Keeper Day with Red-Red and Spot-noses

October 4th was International Zoo Keeper Day throughout the world. WAPCA made sure to honour the keepers working hard at the Accra Zoo on this special day by having a small party with Ghanaian Red-Red stew. It is important to remind the zoo keepers of the importance of their work, especially in a country like Ghana where the keepers are not as celebrated as in other European countries. By commemorating International Zoo Keeper Day we have reminded our keepers of their imperative role in the lives of the zoo animals.

As we sat under the Achimota Forest tree canopy, wild spot-nosed monkeys roamed around above our heads, leaping from branch to branch making the evening extraordinary and overall a day to remember. Hopefully keepers around the world felt celebrated and inspired to continue making a difference in the lives of so many zoo animals around the globe.

International Zoo Keeper Day was also the ideal opportunity for WAPCA to gather WAPCA and zoo staff together and establish a united Accra Zoo team to ensure further work at the zoo would be effective. Making the various staff members feel heard has already led to more open communication and the vocalisation of ideas to make the zoo a better place for animals and staff!

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