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An Update on our Local Supporters

Another quarter has gone by with the support from many local companies. Here is an update of who has supported WAPCA so generously:

  • K.K Peprah has donated five wheelbarrows to the zoo. The Accra Zoo only had two wheelbarrows for the entire array of animals housed there, so we thought it is definitely time to add to the wheelbarrow collection and find a donating company. K.K Peprah was quick to respond and very willing to support the local zoo in any way possible. Amazing

  • Coral Paints donated an 18l pot of green paint to refurbish the primate enclosures. The Coral Paints contact was surprised Accra still had a zoo and immediately jumped at the opportunity to support it. The 18l pot was much larger than we could have hoped for and many enclosure walls will get a re-paint in the next few weeks with this upmarket, quality paint.

  • Brand Synergy has been helping WAPCA with all our printing needs since August. Without question Brand Synergy has completed printing requests for the next day and all for free! WAPCA has Emmanuel and his team to thank for the 100 copies of the new flyer that can now be distributed.

  • Village Pets and Gardens has been an ongoing supporter and has continuously donated enrichment feed for the primates. The bird feed they supply is a vital part to our training and we are so grateful to have such a reliable supplier!

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