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An Update from the Field

During October, the monitoring teams patrolled the forests of Edu Suazo, Takinta, Atwebanso and Anwiafutu. The patrols are conducted if there is a tip-off of any illegal activity such as illegal lumbering, hunting or charcoal production. During the patrols, members are brought together from alternative communities, which becomes necessary because it is sometimes not appropriate to involve monitoring team members from the focal community for their own safety. During the month of October, only one chainsaw machine was confiscated at Edu. A total number of 200 lumbers were confiscated and handed over to the respective communities.

A lot of work has been done in the community tree plantations. The monitoring team and some community members were organized to weed around the trees, weed the lines and replace dead trees with new seedlings. These activities were carried out in Takinta and Nawule. It was agreed that the weeding should be done on a monthly routine. Some communities have made more lands available for more trees to be planted so the tree nurseries are being expanded.

Trans-border monitoring has occurred three times on the Tano River. The monitoring was conducted by the Ghanaian team who to the various points where lumber is bought from Ivory Coast. These points included Ellenda Warf, Kabblasuazo Warf and Edu Warf and Atsimanu. During the patrols, 100 boards were confiscated, however no chain saws were confiscated. The boards were ultimately donated to the community.

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