Learning about Wildlife Conservation

My City My Forest participants had our fourth activity at Accra Zoo and WAPCA’s Endangered Primate Breeding Centre.

Each community visited the Zoo separately, but all of us had a nice time and learning experience. We learned many things about different animals, from Ghana and other countries. We also learned how to stimulate primates natural behaviors providing them enrichment. We hanged recycled water bottles with nuts inside in their enclosures and it was really fun to see them working out how to remove the nuts from the bottles.

Finally, we also talked about biodiversity conservation, why we should use the forest resources sustainably, not to hunt endangered species and consum responsibly.

Achimota community going through the Zoowise evaluation survey, visiting the zoo and preparing primate enrichment:

Narhman enjoyed holding the snake more than any other activity:

La children had a great time with us, and they were so happy to see many animal species, antelopes, primates, lions, crocodiles, and many more:

And finally, Nima participants were amazed by watching the primates play with enrichment:

Our primates were also thankful for having many people creating enrichment items for them!

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