My City My Forest arrives to an end...

It is with a bit of sadness that we write here today as My City My Forest is coming to an end. On 25th August we celebrated the final event, a day out in nature for us to be able to enjoy its beauty and have fun at the same time. Legon Botanical Gardens provided the perfect space to do so.

To start, Achimota community showed us a choreography to keep fit, we shook our bodies and refreshed our minds. Next, WAPCA congratulated all the communities for the effort shown during the project through all the activities and the participation in the events. We also had time for the communities to brainstorm future projects they could do to help improve their immediate environment. Many ideas came out, from starting an environmental library to waste management or tree planting and beautification of an area in the community, some also thought about placing dustbins around the community or do general clean-ups.

After lunch, we talked about things we could do individually to help our environment, and later on, we awarded the participants. It was not an easy decision to decide an overall winner, so in the end, we shared the prize among all the communities – the size of which according to the performance of each community. Therefore, the project will not end here, every community will embark on an environmental project on their own with the help of WAPCA. Hopefully making an impact in the four communities engaged in the project.

Finally, we enjoyed some of the activities offered by the gardens; a canopy walk, a canoe ride or a high rope course. You can watch more pictures of the day below.