Let's keep our beach clean!

We are back here again!

The beaches in Accra are reaching a state that there is no pleasure in visiting them anymore, no one would even think about going into the sea, swimming with plastic and pollution everywhere. The color of the water says it all, it has changed to brown from its original blue sea color as we are taught in school. Sea animals do not have a choice than swimming in the waters polluted by humans or walk through all the rubbish accumulated on the beach. Some animals get entangled with the plastics left on the beach and other animals use the plastics we leave behind as their new houses out of confusion… Others even eat plastic thinking it is fish until finally, they die when the amounts of plastic eaten are too much. Plastic pollution has become a serious problem that even the sea itself is pushing back all the rubbish we’ve allowed to go into it, accumulating all the waste on the beach.

As a result of this big issue, My City My Forest participants went to the beach to take action in wildlife conservation. Participants from Narhman, Achimota, Nima, and La came together to clean-up the beach beside Omanye House, where the traditional Ga festival at La is celebrated each year.

With the help of two big whale-shaped bins, we were able to clean most of the waste found at that particular beach. We collected 36 full bins throughout the day, and together we realized that throwing waste in our sewer system or on the ground is disrupting our environment and our well-being. My City My Forest participants would like to encourage more and more people to dispose of our waste correctly for us to live in a clean and healthy environment where we can enjoy the beauty of nature.