• Zoo Heidelberg

Three Mangabeys arrives at Zoo Heidelberg

Finally, they are here! At the end of june, three white-naped mangabeys moved to Zoo Heidelberg. The two females, Madina and Nika and the male one, Harry, had no problem to get along with each other.

Madina came from Dublin Zoo, Nika from Zoo Barcelona. In Heidelberg they met for the first time. Both reacted friendly and after a few minutes they started grooming. One week later, Harry moved from Zoo Landau to Heidelberg. He behaved like a real gentleman - he was calm and relaxed as he meet up with the girls for the first time as well.

"All three mangabeys are in good health. They are exploring their new enclosure and are really curious about it. They get along with each other very well and we hope this continues!", tells Sandra Reichler, Curator for mammals, conservation and research.

With building up a new group of mangabeys, Zoo Heidelberg joins the european breading program for the white-naped mangabeys. The breeding program is tightly linked to the WAPCA conservation project.