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Forested Enclosure in Kumasi

Finally, after relocating the plans for the forested enclosure to Kumasi Zoo, construction has begun. Originally the large forested area was planned for the Achimota Forest in Accra, however with the uncertainty linked to the Accra Ecopark being built there soon, it was decided that Kumasi Zoo would be a more suitable option. The site is located within the Kumasi Zoo grounds on a large forested area in which the monkeys inhabiting the enclosure will have the freedom to live in a more wild environment and exude their natural behaviours. The perimeter has been measured out, the first prototype teak poles have been placed and a workforce assembled. Hopefully construction will finish at the end of January and then the new inhabitants can move in. The group of white-naped mangabeys composed of Nuba, Sonya, Togbi, Yao and Afu-marie will be transferred to Kumasi from Accra as soon as possible to start exploring their new home. What exciting times!

As well as the construction on the forested enclosure, Kumasi Zoo is being supported by Elizabeth Loudon and Guy Gater, who will help to design and construct a new baboon enclosure for the three females at the Kumasi zoo, a new chimpanzee enclosure and will further improve the current enclosures. 2017 will definitely be a year of positive change in Kumasi and we so look forward to seeing the animals in their new or updated homes.

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